Alecs and Mariah Miller

My husband and I bought a house from Don and Jan about a year ago. It was such a pleasurable and easy experience. We were new to the whole home buying process and intimidated to not be taken advantage of because of our inexperience. But not with Don and Jan!!! They walked us through this experience with patience and ease. They really cared about what we were wanting in a home. Even after purchasing the home they would ask how the remodeling was going and if we were doing alright with our payments. This really showed us that they really cared about our purchase and whether we were happy with our decision. They went above and beyond the normal realtor relationship. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants realtors who genuinely care about their clients and devote all efforts to finding what you want.
We had Don and Jan over for dinner on our 1 year anniversary of closing escrow. We were so proud to show them what we had done to our home and we could tell they were genuinely pleased that we want to continue to share this experience with them.

Alecs and Maria Miller


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