Sierra Track South Lake Tahoe Neighborhood

Sierra Tract is centrally located in South Lake Tahoe and it is a great first time home buyer neighborhood although homes on the exterior streets having meadow, mountain and river views bring a higher price point then most of the Sierra Tract neighborhood.
Sierra Blvd comes directly off of Highway 50 where residents find themselves within a quick drive to all their needs. The back end of Sierra Tract runs into National Forest where you have access to biking and hiking trails
Homes in the Sierra Tract neighborhood number around 1,100 with the average home size around 1,200 square feet. The topography is flat with most lots being 50 by 100 square feet. There are multi-family, triplexes and apartment buildings as well as newer construction town homes in the area.
Sierra Tract is popular for those people who want to be close to it all, but also want affordability. You’ll find that you have a quick escape to Mother Nature, with the streams, meadows and US Forest Land not far away. The bus lines are an easy walk taking you to shopping, the casinos and Lake Tahoe beaches.
If you are looking for affordable selection and location, Sierra Tract might be top on your list to consider your next home purchase.

Brent Richard and Jami Lockhart

We have lived in Tahoe since 2004. When the time came for us to look for a new home, we were referred to the Bosson’s from a wonderful friend here in S. Lake. We had a laundry list of things we were looking for in a home, some we could compromise on, some we couldn’t. Over the course of several months, they showed us property all over town looking at one house after another in search of just the right house. During our travels we chatted, laughed and laughed more. We had a grand time. As it turned out, we all were having so much fun, we have become very good friends. And when things couldn’t get any better, it happened. We all walked into this house going from one room to another, upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, all meeting back where we began and looked at each other and in unison said “This is it!”. We were all so excited we just kept going back and forth trying to find something, anything wrong. Look at this! Isn’t this awesome? Did you measure over there? And, you said you wanted that, there ya go. And your side-boy, it will fit here just nicely. You know, I don’t know who was more excited, them or us! From the first day we met, their expert experience and fun loving personality really showed through as very professional, knowledgeable, detailed and thorough. Of course, once we got moved in, we had a wonderful party together. Now we have put them to work, again, selling our other house!  Thank you Don and Janice for being there every step of the way for us!!
Brent Richard and Jami Lockhart